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overnight, we'll set up with cold overnight lows. that's why there's a frost advisory in napa to the sonoma area. so a frost area. just because your area doesn't have a frost advisory doesn't mean you'll not see frost tomorrow morning. lots of low to mid-60s in the area. it's going to be a lot like today with mid-60s in the forecast. the five-day forecast shapes up like this. a warm trend as we go towards the end of the week. thursday, halloween is going to be warmer. obviously don't have any rain in the forecast. as a matter of fact, check out the specific clear skies on halloween, in the 60s and 70s in some spots when the kids head out the door to go trick or treating. daylight savings, we'll spring forward this weekend -- i'm sorry, we fall back, we'll have daylight for the kids until about 6:30 or so. >> you know they'll be liking that. >> candy, candy, i'm sorry. >> thank you. >>. >>> new developments tonight in the civil trial accusing the san francisco fire department of falsifying test results to deny some firefighters promotions. this afternoon, a judge ruled in favor of the firefi
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1